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Spanish Language Instructor, 
Roxie Hesson

In my class speak Spanish of course. We also watch cultural videos, and learn grammar and vocabulary according to our Spanish Language curriculum. For extra fun, we celebrate most of the Latin holidays to learn more about Latin culture!


Beginning in 7th Grade, students can enroll in Beginning Spanish. In 8th Grade, students continue to Spanish I where they can earn high school credit. Students are evaluated for their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills throughout the semester and with a midterm and final test.

During the semester students participate in fun projects and activities that help them incorporate their new language skills. They will learn Spanish by making restaurant menus, creating flyers, drawings, and even acting out skits for their classmates. In Spanish class we also sing songs, dance, and learn new games as we study Spanish and Latin cultures. 

Special Activities

Students make a presentation of a Latin American country or famous Latin American person during the month of September, Hispanic Heritage Month

We also enjoy celebrating holidays like Dia de los Muertos, Cinco de Mayo, and Navidades

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Explore and discover the Spanish language, and get a head start for highschool and beyond!